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 by Justin
Joan's 'Face'.

Just a little thought - from everything I've seen Joan VA's facial surgery, whatever she's had done, is totally fine, maybe even great; the problem is her makeup. So many celebs, even just reality stars like the 'Housewives' have their makeup done by professionals artists, so whenever you see them they look pretty amazing. Joan is very obviously following her tired & tested routine, that she's done for many years & using the same dark brown, orange, grey palette, as seen from around season 8 onwards; in Joan's mind, she looked great then, so why change it. The problem is that her TV makeup was extremely heavy, even for then & it was an unusual style as well, so it hasn't aged well & it's obviously not making her look her best. It's such a shame that a good friend doesn't take her in hand & help her update, it's not like she's never on TV, so she does talk to makeup artists! Let's keep an eye on her & see if she get's an update ;-).