Exclusive Interviews

KnotsLanding.Net brings you a series of exclusive interviews where you get the opportunity to ask the actors YOUR questions.

Q – How do I take part in a interview?
A – Join our newsletter or pop back to the site to find out when the next interview will take place. Go directly to our contact form to submit a question.

Q – How do the interviews work?
A – We gather all your questions and our interviewer simply asks your questions to the actor over the telephone.

Q – Will the actor know its me who asked a question?
A – Yes, don’t worry. Our interviewer makes sure your name and location plus any personal message is passed along during the interview.

Q – How do I find out what is said?
A – After the interview it is then transcribed and you can come back to read it.

Q – Do any of the interviews take place live in the chat room?
A – Yes, occasionally we do a Live Chat such as with Joan Van Ark and Steve Kanaly from Dallas. They both joined us live in the chat room.

Q – How do I get informed of Interviews coming up?
A – Either visit the site regularly or join our mail list.

Q – Can I suggest a guest?
A – Yes, just use our contact form.