14. Hitchhike (1)

Guest stars: Ruth Cox (Pam Messinger) Conchata Ferrell (Mrs. Messinger) Richard Venture (Simpson) Ron Rifkin (Stan Lesser) John Hammond (Kevin) Ron Lombard (Rodney) Robert Phalen (Carlisle) Terrence Knox (Agent Smith) James Purcell (Agent Bright) Stanley Grover (Lieutenant Walter Spatz) Don Starr (Judge) Matthew Faison (Professor)

Sid picks up a young hitchhiker who sets him up by asking him to give her money. When he refuses, she accuses him of rape. Diana has difficulty facing people. Sid’s sister, Abby Cunningham, arrives in Knots Landing with her two children. Karen persuades Sid to find a new attorney instead of Richard.

b: 20-Nov-1980 pc: 189081 w: Don Murray d: Edward Parone

NOTE: The second season opens with a new character added to the cast: Donna Mills as Abby Cunningham. This new addition would prove to be the best move the producers ever made to the show after a first season of low ratings. Abby also brought along her two children, Olivia Cunningham and Brian Cunningham (played by Bobby Jacoby during the first few years).
Don Murray (Sid) wrote this episode.

15. Hitchhike (2)

Guest stars: Ruth Cox (Pam Messinger) Conchata Ferrell (Mrs. Messinger) Richard Venture (Simpson) Ron Rifkin (Stan Lesser) John Hammond (Kevin) Ron Lombard (Rodney) Robert Phalen (Carlisle) Sherry Hursey (Trish) Helen Hunt (Betsy)

After Sid fires Richard as the attorney, Richard, in a drunken stupor, causes a scene in the cul-de-sac. Karen is angry when she discovers Richard tried to pay off the hitchhiker to drop the charges. Karen remembers a vital clue which results in getting Sid cleared. Abby decides to move to Knots Landing, and becomes a part of prime-time soap history.

b: 27-Nov-1980 pc: 189082 w: Don Murray d: Edward Parone

NOTE: Abby conveniently rents the house next door to the Averys- apprarently the realtors couldn’t rent it out because nobody wanted to live on the same block as accused rapist Sid.
James Houghton and Kim Lankford do not appear in this episode.
Don Murray (Sid) wrote this episode.

16. Remember the Good Times

Guest stars: Diana Douglas (Dr. Kramer) Daniel Fetty (Stan Messinger) Jon Terry (Eddie)

Gary meets Judy Trent who wants his help in getting her husband support from AA. Abby begins to show her manipulative nature (Already?) as she takes advantage of Eric and treis to seduce Kenny. Karen confronts her about this.

b: 04-Dec-1980 pc: 189090 w: Diana Gould d: James Sheldon

17. Chance of a Lifetime

Guest stars: Brian Dennehy (James Cargill) Richard Venture (Simpson) Millie Slavin (Mrs. Vandenbrooke) Lane Brinkley (Millie) Stacy Keach, Sr. (Flagg)

Gary makes a car deal with “Orchid Cab Co.” againest Sid’s better judgment. Gary also hires a female mechanic, Linda Stryker. Laura starts her real estate job. After her first sale, her boss, Scooter Warren, kisses her.Val starts college. Richard thinks a prestigious Chicago law firm will hire him, so he tells off his boss and quits his job. Then he finds out the Chicago firm’s offer is for a salary several thousands less than he was already making. He cannot accept the job. He tells Laura he declined the job since she didn’t want to move, but then starts crying.

b: 11-Dec-1980 pc: 189084 w: John Pleshette d: Nicholas Sgarro

NOTE: This is the first appearances of many characters: Laura’s boss Scooter Warren; The female mechanic Linda Stryker; and the Orchid Cab Co. owners Roy Lance and Frank Kolbert.
John Pleshette (Richard) wrote this episode.

18. Kristin

Guest stars: Mary Crosby (Kristin Shepard) Peter Elbling (Al Tuna) Tom Fucello (Ed Croft)

Kristen Shepard (she shot J.R., you know) is in Los Angeles following the shooting of J.R. in Dallas. At a party, she is arrested for drug use and decides to call Gary and Valene for help. Valene rushes to the police station to get her released. Kristen manipulates Valene into letting her stay with them. Valene asks Kristen why she left Dallas. Kristen says she has her reasons. Kenny gives Kristen a job at his studio, which upsets Sylvie (are we jealous?). Kenny decided that it is time to end his relationship with Sylvie and concentrate on getting back with Ginger. But alas, Ginger is now going out with Carl Russelman. When Kenny finds this out, he sleeps with Kristen. Ginger comes back early for being with Carl and finds Kenny and Kristen together. Kristen then decided to leave Knots Landing (and good riddance) after Gary sees through her “sweet” act. Ginger serves Kenny with a divorce.

b: 18-Dec-1980 pc: 189094 w: Diana Gould d: Nicholas Sgarro

NOTE: This episode pays tribute to the infamous “Who Shot JR?” issue that affected “Dallas” during the summer of 1980. When the attempted assassin was revealed on November 21, 1980, just two weeks before this episode aired, “Dallas” became the most watched prime-time soap opera of that time. This was a “Knots Landing” attempt to get a piece of the primetime success pie baked by “Dallas”.
Gary calls his brother Bobby, in a one-way phone call, to check up on Kristin’s background, but Bobby doesn’t reveal that Kristin shot J.R. presumably because he didn’t know. Consistent with her final episodes on “Dallas,” Kristin reveals to Val that she is pregnant and seduced Kenny because she wanted a father for her baby.
This was a great crossover which pumped excitement into both shows. Too bad after the first few years there were no more crossovers, and of course the Bobby’s death/it was a dream fiasco ended all crossovers and actually put the shows in different universes.

19. Step One (a.k.a.) Husbands and Lovers

Guest stars: Dan Shor (Bobby) Wendi Jo Speerber (Ellie) John Dukakis (Roger) Helen Hunt (Brenda) Rosanna Locke (Danielle)

Diana is having difficulty with her new boyfriend as she feels a pressure to sleep with him. Karen, Diana, Val and Ginger are performing in an ERA benefit. Val asks Gary to help, but he’s too preoccupied helping Earl Trent. Diana needs Karen’s support but she is too busy rehearsing. In frustration, Diana pulls out of the ERA. Meanwhile with Laura preoccupied with work, Richard spends his time with Abby and they end up in the hot tub. Karen and Diana make up and sing, “Put on a Happy Face”.

b: 01-Jan-1981 pc: 189086 w: Lorraine Despres d: Kim Friedman

NOTE: Abby begins an affair with Richard, which doesn’t last very long.

20. Breach of Faith

The neighbors throw a barbecue for Laura to celebrate her new success as a realtor. At the party, Richard paws Abby and Laura overhears them planning to meet later. Laura later tells Richard she will no longer be his “whipping boy”, and if his behavior continues, she is going to leave him. Ginger finds out she is pregnant and breaks up with Carl. Val is upset because Gary runs every time Judy Trent needs help with Earl. Val says she needs time with Gary too. Gary continues to comfort Judy and begins an affair with her.

b: 08-Jan-1981 pc: 189085 w: William Hopkins d: Harvey Laidman

NOTE: Gary has an affair with Judy Trent while trying to help her husband which will last a few episodes in the season.

21. Scapegoats

Guest stars: Robert Symonds (Dr. Ronald Phillips) Joyce Davis (Ann Gilbert) Luise Heath (Mrs. Crane)

The Fairgates find out that Michael suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). Sid hires Abby as the bookkeeper for Knots Landing Motors. Frank Kolbert and Roy Lance from “Orchid Cab Co” offer Gary a deal on cheap parts, but Sid declines, thinking it sounds illegal. Frank and Roy tell Gary they had a verbal agreement and threaten him, telling him he’d better have $50,000.00 for them by the end of the week. Abby overhears and suggests Gary ask J.R. for the money, as she read in the paper that J.R. will be in town soon.

b: 15-Jan-1981 pc: 189087 w: Tim Maschler d: Gabrielle Beaumont

22. A Family Matter

Guest stars: Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing) Parley Baer (Man)

J.R. is in town for an oil convention. When Gary refuses to ask him for the money, Abby goes to J.R. for it and sleeps with him. J.R. says he knows that Abby has designs on Gary and that he’ll only give Gary the money if he asks for it himself, so Abby keeps trying to persuade Gary. Val asks Gary not to get in any deals with J.R., and she and J.R. have a nasty confrontation. Roy and Frank continue to pressure Gary, so he finally goes to J.R., who gives him the $50,000.00. Kenny breaks up with Sylvie and wants to get back with Ginger, but she says no.

b: 22-Jan-1981 pc: 189095 w: David Paulsen d: Edward Parone

NOTE: If J.R. is not sleeping around in “Dallas”, he starts it here in this episode with Abby (no surprise). Knowing how manipulative they both can be in their own shows, they make a great couple. Sylvie makes her final appearance in this episode.

23. Choices

Guest stars: Dani Minnick () Lew Horn ()

Linda asks Sid to go away to a race for the weekend. Sid decides not to go, but doesn’t pick up on the fact that Linda’s interested in him romantically. Gary sells the illegal parts to Sid’s supplier so that Sid won’t know about it. Laura tries to initiate romance with Richard, but he rejects her. Meanwhile, Abby has started to reject him. Abby and Judy argue over who will ‘get’ Gary. Judy tells Val that she and Gary are having an affair and love each other. Gary finds Val at the beach. She slaps Gary but they make up. Judy comes to KLMotors the next day. Gary’s mad that she told Val, and says he will never leave Val. Judy leaves, and Abby says “Are you ready for ME now Gary?”

b: 29-Jan-1981 pc: 189088 w: L. Virginia Brown d: Kim Friedman

NOTE: Abby has designs on Gary and this episode is where it all begins.
This is the last appearance of Judy Trent.

24. A State of Mind

Guest stars: Sam Weisman (David Souther) Bernard Behrens (Michael Maddox) Chip Frye (Young Man)

Jeff Cunningham is mad that Abby is having an affair with a married man (Richard) in front of the kids. Sid hears Karen talking with Jeff, and tells her not to discuss Abby with him. Karen says that Sid is blind to Abby, but he defends her and they argue. Jeff files for custody of the kids. He and Abby talk, and he admits he wants her back. Abby sleeps with him so he’ll drop the case, and then tells him that it was a one-time thing. Jeff is angry and says she’s not playing ‘fair’ with him. One of Laura’s clients kisses her, but she says she can’t cheat on Richard. Abby tells Richard that it’s over between them.

b: 05-Feb-1981 pc: 189093 w: Robert Gilmer d: Alexander Singer

NOTE: Jeff Cunningham, Abby’s ex-husband, makes his first appearance in this episode.
Sam Weisman is Constance McCashin’s (Laura) real life husband.

25. Players

Guest stars: Kale Brown (Paul Fairgate) Fran Myers ()

Richard gets a job with Kippler, Janson and Stern. He apologizes to Laura for how he’s been treating her, but secretly is upset that she earns more than he does. Ginger finally tells Kenny that she’s pregnant, but that they need to work out their problems before he can move back in. Karen is upset that Linda is in love with Sid, and is scared that they might be having an affair. Sid and Linda take a test drive and the car breaks down on a deserted desert road. Linda tells Sid she loves him. They kiss, but he says he can’t have an affair with her. Sid tells Karen he didn’t have an affair with Linda, but jokes that if he had he wouldn’t tell her, because he hates to ‘brag’. Karen is not amused.

b: 12-Feb-1981 pc: 189089 w: Susan Misty Stewart d: Jeff Bleckner

26. The Loudest Word

Guest stars: Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing) Arthur Rosenberg (Dr. Harper) Patricia Murray (Sandy) Barry Cutler (Hot Dog Vender) Hans Howes (Bartender) Robeth Jean Williams (Infirmary Nurse) Isabel West (Infirmary Head Nurse) Jan Jordan (Infirmary Nurse)

Kenny goes to see Ginger at school and implores her to get back together with him. She still refuses. Kenny shows up at her Lamaze class and they argue. Ginger feels bad, and finally tells him that both she and the baby need him. Val’s doctor finds a malignant growth in her colon and needs to operate. Gary can’t handle it – he feels so guilty about how he’s treated Val, and totally breaks down. He calls Miss Ellie weeping, so Bobby comes to support him while Val’s in the hospital. The doctor is able to remove all of the cancer.

b: 19-Feb-1981 pc: 189092 w: Joseph B. Wallenstein d: Kim Friedman

27. Moments of Truth

Guest stars: Rita Taggert (Rose) Gary Graham (Cal) Stanley Grover (Lt. Walter Spatz) Glenn Withow (Danny) Dan Hamilton (Dick Foster) Joel Lawrence () Mike Fortman () Rick Gallavan ()

The men take Kenny out to celebrate and the women give Ginger a baby shower at Val’s house. Three criminals break into the house to rob the women. Diana, in the kitchen, escapes and calls police. The robbers then take the women hostage. A swat team is called. Tempers flare among the men, who are feeling helpless. After 8 hours, the swat team apprehends the robbers and everybody is okay.

b: 26-Feb-1981 pc: 189096 w: Robert Gilmer d: Jeff Bleckner

NOTE: Think this episode is a little more than the feds save the day. As I recall , it was Abby’s “seduction’ of one of the gunmen which allows her to disarm him . I think this episode solidifies Abby as someone who would do what it takes in any situation.

28. Man of the Hour

Guest stars: Cynthia Harris (Jana Kilman) Lisle Wilson (Dr. Sims) Susan McClurg (Cindy) Brian Part (Jaime) Eric Stoltz (Luke) Mike Darnell (Fred) June Harris (Carol) Jill Cohen (Amy)

Jeff picks up the kids and Abby is afraid he has kidnapped them when she can’t locate them. Jeff finally returns them and says they were camping. Ginger’s sister Cindy visits, and gives Eric marijuana to hold for her. Sid finds it and is very upset. At a party, Cindy freaks out and runs into the ocean. Eric saves her, but she’s in a coma. The doctor says the pot had angel dust in it. Eric is upset as everyone blames him, thinking it’s his pot. Cindy finally wakes up, and tells everyone that it wasn’t Eric’s pot.

b: 12-Mar-1981 pc: 189098 w: Sara Ann Friedman d: Harvey Laidman

29. More Than Friends

Guest stars: Kate Zentall (Margie) Nick Angotti (Hal) Charles Stewart (Eddie) John Considine (Scooter Warren) Kate Zentall () Nick Angotti () Charles Sweigart ()

Abby comes on to Gary, but then says she’s kidding when she sees how uncomfortable he is. Everyone thinks Laura’s having an affair with Scooter, because of all their flirting. Laura tells Scooter that they can’t really have an affair, because they’re both married. Richard asks Laura if she’d like to discuss his affair with Abby, so that they can start over. Val’s night school teacher is Earl Trent. He invites Val over to work on a story, and then asks her to sleep with him to get even with Gary and Judy. Val refuses and he starts to force her, but then breaks down weeping. Gary comes over and apologizes to Earl for having an affair with his wife.

b: 19-Mar-1981 pc: 189097 w: Carol Roper d: Alexander Singer

NOTE: Earl Trent makes his final appearance here

30. Designs

Guest stars: Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing) John Wyler () John Voltad () Marcia Solomon (Marsha)

J.R. comes to town (again). He wants to form a corporation with Sid and patent the engine that Sid invented. Sid refuses. Abby steals the engine plans and gives them to J.R., and has him sign a contract to protect her interests. They sleep together. Karen tells Sid that Abby stole the plans, but he doesn’t believe her. Karen and Val are suspicious when Jeff comes to pick up the kids, and packs all of their things into his van. Karen goes to J.R.’s hotel to tell Abby she thinks Jeff kidnapped the kids, but Abby doesn’t believe her and says Jeff is just trying to scare her again.

b: 26-Mar-1981 pc: 189099 w: Diana Gould & Robert Gilmer d: Nicholas Sgarro

NOTE: This episode, along with the final episode of this season, was shown consecutively on March 26, 1981.

31. Squeezeplay

Guest stars: Len Birman (Salmaggio) Alan Fudge (Bonners) Carol Bruce (Mrs. Cunningham)

Jeff doesn’t return the kids and Abby’s really worried. The FBI question Gary about Frank and Roy, and Gary finally admits his illegal dealings to Sid. Abby claims to be innocent, and Sid believe her. Gary and Sid agree to do a sting operation for the FBI, and Frank and Roy are arrested. Sid and Gary will have to testify, so the FBI guards them. One of the mechanics at KLMotors lets the brake fluid out of Sid’s car. Abby receives a tape from Jeff telling her he took the kids because she is a bad mother. Abby totally flips out, so Karen calls Sid to come home to help Abby. Sid and an FBI agent get in his car to drive home. As they drive around the road, Sid realizes the breaks won’t work. The car goes out of control crashes over the side of an embankment down to the beach below.

b: 26-Mar-1981 pc: 189100 w: John Pleshette d: Joseph B. Wallenstein

NOTE: This is one of the first series finale cliffhangers “Knots Landing” was famous for. Frank and Roy make their last appearances in this episode, but they will return in season 4. Don Murray makes his last regular appearance in this episode, but he will return in the first two episodes of the next season.
John Pleshette (Richard) wrote this episode.

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