131. The Longest Day

gs: Robert Chimento (Ronnie) Aarika Wells (Judge Spaulding) Mary Betten (Receptionist) Jeanine Michaels (Abby’s secretary) Robert Gormley (Charles Cavanaugh) John Miranda (Porter) Gary Bisig (Police Officer #1) Greg Finley (Walt) Tom Noga (Police Officer #2) David Morick (Police Officer #3) Barry Wiggins (Police Officer #4) Jesse D. Goins (Bill Wilson) Louis R. Plante (Butler)

Laura gets a call to show a house, but it’s really Greg who has a romantic dinner set up. At the Fisher’s, Mac and Ben follow Harry, but lose him. Val meanwhile tries to break down the door. Mac says he’ll get a court order so the Fisher’s can’t leave, but the Judge won’t grant it until there’s more evidence. Mac stations men outside their house. Val refuses to leave, so Ben waits with her. He tells Val that Karen believed her all along, and worked for months to find the babies. Val’s upset that no one told her they believed her. Harry arrives home with a police escort, who tell Val she has to leave. She loses it. At home, Joshua tells Val that her babies were found because he and his viewers prayed that she would be forgiven of her sins. Val drives back to the Fishers and waits all night in her car. Mac has Karen bring Val to the hospital to get the birth records, but the clerk says there are no records of the twins. Abby tells Gary that there was a call from Southfork and Bobby is dead.
b: 26-Sep-1985 pc: 174301 w: David Paulsen d: Arthur Allan Seidelman

NOTE: As the 1985-1986 season begins, Mac and Val stake out the Fishers home to get back the babies. Knots Landing once again tried to cross over with Dallas with Gary getting a call that Bobby is dead. When it turned out at the end of the season that Bobby wasn’t dead at all and Pam had dreamt the entire season up, the producers were afraid that viewers might think that the stories during this season of Knots Landing were a dream, too. It was then that they determined that from then on, KL whould have nothing more to do with Dallas and its storylines.

132. Here in My Arms

gs: Aarika Wells (Judge Spaulding) Robert Gormley (Charles Cavanaugh) Elizabeth Reilly (Miss Grayson) Barbara Kaye (Woman) Jesse D. Goins (Bill Wilson) Samson Ken (John Davis) Mary Betten (Receptionist)

At the studio, Cathy tells Joshua she’s getting an apartment – with or without him. Joshua grabs her really hard and says to NEVER speak to him in public like that. Gary goes to Dallas for Bobby’s funeral. Greg tells the Empire Valley foremen, Elliot, to blast for the TV station in another position, but he won’t without Gary’s okay. Val waits outside of the Fishers’ house. Ben tells Harry that the twins might not be Val’s, but either way they need to clear it up. Nurse Wilson finally shows up at the Judge’s, and Mac gets a court order barring the Fishers from leaving. Sheila is really losing it, so Harry agrees to run away with her. Karen drives by the Fishers’ house. She sees Sheila leaving, and Mac’s men follow her. Karen sees Harry’s inside, so she tells him she knows that Sheila doesn’t really have the babies with her. Karen pleads with Harry and tells him that even if he didn’t know the babies were stolen before, he knows now. She says they have no moral choice but to give them back to Val because how could they raise the children knowing the truth of the situation? Lilimae answers the door and screams for Val. It’s Karen and Harry with the babies. They hand them to Val who hugs and kisses them, crying and laughing at the same time. Choked up, Harry slips out the door unnoticed.
b: 03-Oct-1985 pc: 174302 w: Parke Perine d: Nicholas Sgarro

NOTE: The entire nation shed a tear when Val’s babies were finally brought home to her after many months of being apart.

133. While the Cat’s Away

gs: Robyn Peterson (Woman) Dave Adams (Manager) Dean Cohen (Tom) Robert Miano (Mechanic)
Greg tells Abby he’s having problems with Elliot, the construction foreman. Abby tells Elliot they had new soil samples done so he can blast. Gary returns home, and breaks down over Bobby’s death. At the station, Abby promotes Ben to General Manager, so now he’s Joshua’s boss. Mac meets with the Fishers and says they are victims too, and they should work together. The Fishers weren’t approved for a conventional adoption because Sheila had had a nervous breakdown. Val is having a ball with the babies and doesn’t have much time for Ben. Joshua does his show on how the power of prayer brought back the babies. Val’s angry and tells him that SHE kept the faith, not him or his viewers. Ben finally spends time with Val, but is upset when Gary comes by and she invites him to stay. Val tells Gary she is naming her son after Bobby, and Ben is really hurt.
b: 10-Oct-1985 pc: 174303 w: E. Jeffrey Smith d: Lorraine Senna Ferrara

NOTE: Naming the baby Bobby dogged the series for the rest of the way, especially after we found out the twins belonged to Gary. That meant the boy was named after his “late” uncle, who of course had only died in Pam’s dream on Dallas, but had to remain dead on Knots Landing or their storylines would have been part of Pam’s dream also. The twins, although they were Ewing heirs, were never mentioned on Dallas, and their older sister Lucy and their grandmother Miss Ellie never came out to visit them.

134. The Christening

gs: Lynn Cartwright (Joyce McGlohn) Patricia Allison (Client) Robert Chimento (Ronnie) Jane Rogers (Linda) Alma Bertran (Ana)
Mac decides to investigate adoptions and asks the governor to send him someone to help him with the red tape. He sends Jill Bennett. She and Mac flirt and they kiss. Greg sees Laura with a co-worker and is jealous. Greg gives Abby a phony report that says the site for the TV station is better then where Gary wanted it. Ben tells Joshua that his ratings are slipping. Josh apologizes to Cathy and asks her to sing on his show again. Val plans the babies’ christening. She asks Mac and Karen to be the godparent’s. Val decides to name her daughter Elizabeth (Betsy) after Ben’s mother.Lilimae’s shoulder hurts, and so she goes to a few doctors’ appointments, but it’s nothing serious. Joshua tells Cathy that Lilimae’s dying, so he can’t move out. Sheila Fisher follows Val and the babies around. Harry’s worried about her. They go to Val’s and tell her they’re moving, but will always love the babies. Val lets them say goodbye to the twins.
b: 17-Oct-1985 pc: 174304 w: David Assael d: Larry Elikann

NOTE: This is the last appearance of the Fisher couple.
Jill and Mac begin an affair, which doesn’t last long in this season.

135. A Little Assistance

gs: Troy Beyer (Whitney) Tony Shultz (Journalist) Corey Young (Richard Wayne) Lou Felder (Applicant) Donald Craig (Applicant) Richard Livingston (Tom Johnston) Carol Culver (Woman)
Greg has an underground chamber built at Empire Valley for the communications center. Ben is depressed over whether he and Val will ever get married. Ben tells Joshua he’d better do something to get his ratings up, or he’ll cancel his show. Joshua asks Cathy to sing again, but she doesn’t want to and they argue. The next day Cathy has a big bruise. Val thinks Joshua hit her.The governor decides to keep Jill at Mac’s office. He’s angry and he and Jill continually argue. Greg decides to hire an assistant. A man comes in and says to the other applicants that the position was filled, so they all leave. Abby is there, and he says “Didn’t you hear me? I said it was filled!” Abby tells Greg she likes him. He is Peter Hollister and says Greg needs him to run his office properly and that he wants to learn from Greg.
b: 24-Oct-1985 pc: 174305 w: Melanie Mintz d: Roy Campanella II

NOTE: Hunt Block makes his first appearance as up-and-coming politico Peter Hollister.

136. A Question of Trust

gs: Patrice Allen (Mrs. Hillard) Anthony Alda (Rick Elliot)
Joshua is upset that Cathy gets more fan mail than he does. Ben shows Cathy how much the ratings rise when she is on. Cathy asks if Joshua knows that and Ben says yes. Gary’s upset that the TV station was built on the wrong site. Greg tells Abby that she’d better get Elliot to back up their phony report (as Peter listens in on the phone). Abby tells Elliot that she found out his son was once arrested on a drug charge. He’s graduating from law school and Abby threatens to tell his employers, so Elliot lies to Gary about the phony report. Karen’s jealous of Mac working with Jill, and tells Val that the way they argue reminds her of she and Mac when they first met. Jill tells Mac she is going back to Sacramento, but he says he’d like her to stay.
b: 31-Oct-1985 pc: 174306 w: Bernard Lechowick d: Linda Day

137. Awakenings

gs: Rita Crafts (Woman) A.J. Freeman (Tony) Lou Valen (Paul Darden) Bill Deland (Man) Ron Troncatty (Director)
Jill tells Mac that she loves him. Peter listens in as Abby tells Greg that Gary called the surveyor to come into town. Peter has a man call Gary pretending to be the surveyor and rectifies the situation. Karen offers Laura a job overseeing the next phase at Lotus Point. Joshua doesn’t show up for a taping, so Ben has Cathy sing for the whole show. Josh sees it, and is really upset. He meets a waitress, Linda, and makes out with her. Joshua has Cathy meet him and he beats her up. She runs to Ben’s. They have a heart to heart talk, and Ben tells her to leave Joshua. Cathy points out that he doesn’t leave Val. Val tells Ben she loves him and is ready to get married. He says that’s not a solution, but she convinces him. He says he will, but that he wants to be the twins father – their only father, and Val agrees. Gary stops by to see the twins, and begins to suspect that he may be their father.
b: 07-Nov-1985 pc: 174307 w: Lynn Marie Latham d: Lorraine Senna Ferrara

NOTE: Joshua starts to hit on Cathy as she gets successful on his show. Ben wants to be the only father of the twins, and Gary suspects that the twins might be his. Joshua meets Linda in this episode.

138. Pictures at a Wedding

gs: Donald Bishop (Doctor) Holly Susan Dorff (Amanda Hackney) Wolf Muser (Steven Kirby) Constance Cawlfield (Jacqueline) Nora Masterson (Tita) Nancy Omi (Hostess) John Lawrence (Musician)
Gary is sure the twins are his. Joshua tries to break into Cathy’s apartment, and then trashes Val’s house. Val kicks him out and Lilimae is upset. At the station Joshua finds out that Ben gave his show to Cathy, and he and Ben fight. Cathy tells Ben that Josh is upset because Lilimae is dying. Ben talks with her Doctor, who says Lilimae only has bursitis. Cathy is upset that Joshua would lie to her like that. Greg thinks Peter is snooping too much, but Peter says Greg is sloppy with information. Equipment convoys for the underground communication center are coming to Empire Valley on Monday, so Abby asks Gary to go away with her to get him out of town.Val and Ben ask the McKenzies to stand up for them at their wedding, and to go along with them that Ben is the twin’s father. On the day of the wedding, Val and Lilimae make up. Gary decides to drop Olivia off before going out of town and stops to talk to Val. Ben sees this and isn’t happy.
b: 14-Nov-1985 pc: 174308 w: David Paulsen & Michael Filerman d: Nicholas Sgarro

NOTE: Joshua loses his job in this episode. Gary is sure that the twins are his, but Ben thinks otherwise.

139. Until Parted by Death

gs: Donald Nardini (Police Officer) Scott Sommer (Fan #1) Dana Allison (Fan #2) Norman Bernard (Fan #3) Lewis Dauber (Pharmacist) Kiva Lawrence (Pastor)
Ben and Val get married and go on their honeymoon, where they act really silly. Abby tells Elliot that all the men need physicals on Monday for insurance purposes. Elliot goes to the site and snoops in the underground chamber. On vacation, Abby gets a call that Elliot is dead, so they come home. Abby asks Greg why Elliot had to die, and surprised, he says he thought she had him killed. Cathy’s apartment is filled with flowers from Joshua, and she is scared because he got in. She moves back in with Laura. Jason lets Josh in, and he begs Cathy to take him back. Laura orders him out of the house. They fight, and he knocks Laura over. Mac says he’s filing a complaint and that Josh better stay out of the neighborhood. Joshua tells them he only hit Cathy to keep her off of drugs. He goes to Lilimae’s and talks to her about how Jonathan physically abused him. Joshua is staying with Linda, and he tells her not to worry, that Cathy won’t be in their way much longer.
b: 21-Nov-1985 pc: 174309 w: Bernard Lechowick d: Larry Elikann

NOTE: Val and Ben get married in this episode.

140. Rise and Fall

gs: Leigh French (Phyllis Elliot) Antony Alda (Rick Elliot) Tony Aciento (Man) William J. Bryant (Security Agent)
Elliot’s widow tells Gary Elliot was there because he was dissatisfied with how things were going at Empire Valley. Gary tells Mac. Val and Lilimae are really worried about Joshua. They find him preaching in the mission district. Val offers to take him to a psychiatrist. Joshua tells Lilimae he’s come up with a plan for he and Cathy to be together forever. As Cathy drives home from the station, Joshua pops up from the backseat. Holding a knife to her neck, he instructs her to drive to the mission district. He takes her to the roof of a building. He tells her he’s going to throw her over and kill himself, so they’ll always be together. Laura calls Val’s, worried that Cathy isn’t home. Lilimae drives to the mission district where she saw Josh preach, and seeing Cathy’s car, follows them to the building. Lilimae reaches the roof and yells at Joshua to let Cathy go. She screams that Joshua is cruel and a liar. Joshua puts Cathy down, and starts backing up as Lilimae yells that he’s a monster, and that she is no longer his mother. He continues backing up, and then trips over the edge of the building, and falls to the ground. Dead.
b: 05-Dec-1985 pc: 174310 w: Parke Perine d: Robert Becker

NOTE: Alec Baldwin makes his final appearance here as his character is killed off. This starts an unbelievable whodunit storyline, which is more like a witchhunt.

141. To Sing His Praise

gs: Albert Salmi (Jonathan Rush) Buck McDancer (Surveyor) Mark Costello (Officer Harbert) James Newell (Presenter) Timothy Jecko (Gene Woodall) Frances Welter (Jeniff Linda) Regina Leeds (Woman) Stephanie Smothers (Fan #1) Charles Douglass (Fan #2)
Cathy wants to tell the police what happened, but Lilimae tells the police that Joshua and Cathy were getting back together, and that he called her to meet him, but was dead when she arrived. Jonathan comes to town to perform Joshua’s funeral.Gary confronts the surveyor, who tells him that Greg and Abby paid him off. Gary confronts Abby, and want to know what is “really” going on at Lotus Point. He shakes his head at Abby and says, “God, we’re different”. Coblentz wants Gary out of Empire Valley and hires a hit man to kill Gary and Abby. The hitman tries to run Gary off the road. Gary snoops around and finds the underground chamber. He goes into a room that is filled with technical equipment and white coated technicians.
b: 12-Dec-1985 pc: 174311 w: Lynn Marie Latham d: David Paulsen

142. All’s Well

gs: Buck McDancer (Hit Man) Harry Stephens (Operator) Annie Gagen (Technician) Robert Benedict (Assistant) David Blackwood (Security Guard)
Ben lets Cathy move into his beach house. Lilimae blames Ben for Joshua’s death, and decides to move in with Cathy. Kenny, Linda’s boyfriend, tells her that he was there when Joshua died. Gary tells Greg he’ll sell Empire Valley, and to call off the hit man. He says if anything happens to him, he’s left Empire Valley to Mac. Greg tells Coblentz that Gary will sell, but Coblentz tells the hit man to kill them anyway. Gary sends the kids away, and makes Abby dress in coveralls and help him to carry things into the buildings at Empire Valley. Gary has the security guard call Greg. Greg rushes to Empire Valley, and so do Mac and Karen. The hit man is about to shoot Gary, but just then everyone drives up and yells to Gary to watch out. Gary activates a remote control, and all of the structures in Empire Valley blow up. Greg and Abby are furious, but Gary whoops with joy!
b: 19-Dec-1985 pc: 174312 w: Alan Goldfein d: Joseph Scanlan

NOTE: Gary blows up all of the structures in Empire Valley when the hit man is about to shoot him. Little does he know, his explosions will cause an arsenic leak which will be brought upon later in the season.

143. Aftershocks

gs: Buck McDancer (Hit Man) Guy Christopher (Lieutenant) Catherine MacNeal (Reporter #1) Michael Gates (Jeff Donner) Bobby Hosea (Reporter #2) Rodney Saulsberry (Cop #1) Michael Misita (Cop #2) Stan Wojno (Uniformed Patrolman)
Linda goes to the police and says she thinks her boyfriend Kenny murdered Joshua. Lilimae wants to move back in with Val, but Val isn’t sure, as she’s always so mean to Ben. Ben teasingly says “If she gets out of line, I’ll rap her up side the head!” Gary ignores Abby and stays at Lotus Point. Greg gives a press conference saying that Gary blew up Empire Valley because of structural damages. Greg speaks to a portrait of Galveston about how he let him reach back from the grave and manipulate him. Greg says that Coblentz gained control because he was weak, and not mean, hard or cruel enough to hold them off, because he was not a barbarian like his father. He says, “Congratulations, you’ve hatched a new breed of barbarian,” and he then vows to go even further than Galveston in creating his own empire, and will let nobody and nothing stand in his way.
b: 26-Dec-1985 pc: 174313 w: Roberto Loeiderman d: Alexander Singer

144. Unbroken Bonds

gs: Guy Christopher (Lieutenant McHugh) Nancy Hinman (Lieutenant Fiore) Catherine MacNeal (Presenter) Ken Martinez (Reporter #1) Lori Street (Reporter #2) Theresa Karanik (Police Agent) Jewel Shepard (Woman)
Peter tells Laura that Greg needs her, so she invites him to dinner.Gary tells Val that he know the twins are his. She tells him that he needs to respect that she, Ben and the twins are a family. Gary continues to hang around the twins, so Ben tells Gary it has to stop. Abby gets mad when Gary sides with Karen on a Lotus Point issue. He says that he trusts Karen, and doesn’t trust her, so he will always side with Karen, and she’d better get used to it. Gary also sleeps with another woman. Jill is in town and tells Karen the Governor wants to know if she’d be interested in being on the State Planning Commission. Karen says yes. Jill is very cool towards Mac, who introduces Gary to Jill. Kenny is arrested for Joshua’s murder. Cathy wants to tell the truth, but Lilimae says they will release him if they keep quiet. However, Kenny is charged with the murder.
b: 02-Jan-1986 pc: 174314 w: Diana Kopald Marcus d: Roy Campanella II

NOTE: Mack makes the mistake of introducing Jill to Gary, a relationship that will never be successful. Kenny is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Lilimae and Cathy know the truth, but were afraid that it would tarnish Joshua’s memory so they keep quiet for the next few episodes.

145. Web of Lies

gs: Jim Edgcomb (Lieutenant Howard) Jan Burrell (Vender) Gilles Savard (Hotel Waiter) Richard Gilbert-Hill (Hotel Employee)
When Abby hears that Karen is being considered for the planning commission, she tells Greg that she wants the seat. Abby tries to talk to Gary, but he says it’s over, and he invites Jill for a drink. Ben is angry that Gary knows about the twins, but Val swears she didn’t tell him. Greg sends Laura a note that says “I Love You Very Much” and takes her out for a romantic evening. Laura asks Mac how she can get divorced, since she can’t find Richard. Cathy still wants to tell the truth, and is depressed over the situation. Ben tries to cheer her up. Cathy finally tells Mac the truth, and Mac tells Val to talk to Lilimae. Val tries, but Lilimae says it would tarnish Joshua’s memory. Finally Val gets through to her by saying that Kenny has a mother too. Lilimae goes to the police station.
b: 09-Jan-1986 pc: 174315 w: Diana Kopald Marcus d: Nicholas Sgarro

146. The Confession

gs: Nancy Hinman (Lieutenant Fiore) Jim Greene (Lieutenant Christopher) Guy Christopher (Lieutenant McHugh) Sid Conrad (Commission Member) Wanda Wescott (Phyllis) Edmund Penney (Banquier) Ken Martinez (Reporter #1) Lori Street (Reporter #2) Jon Greene (Lieutenant Christopher)
Jill tells Karen that someone spoke to the Governor on Abby’s behalf, but she’ll do all she can to help her. Abby tells Karen that they won’t choose her because of her drug problem. Karen tells them about her drug problem, but it’s too late – the Governor already chosen Abby. Peter lets Greg know he went to law school. He then visits his “mother” and they talk about how they’ll have a lot of money soon. Cathy and Lilimae are grilled by police. The police tell Mac that they may be charged with murder – after all, Cathy was in prison for murder, and Lilimae had run over Chip.Cathy has a new saxophone player on her show, Sonny Harkins. He befriends Cathy and says he’ll be there if she needs to talk. Unbeknownst to her, he tapes their conversations.
b: 16-Jan-1986 pc: 174316 w: David Paulsen d: Nick Havinga

NOTE: Cathy and Lilimae find themselves in a serious situation because of their past crimes: Cathy was in prison for murder (revealed in ep. 91), and Lilimae ran over Chip (Ep. 80). Cathy unwittingly tells the truth to a saxophone player on the show named Sonny Harkins, who makes his first appearance in this episode. He is actually an undercover reporter.
Ruth Roman joins the cast as Peter’s “mother”, Sylvia Lean.

147. Alterations

gs: Judith Jones (Jennifer) Frank Arno (Magazine Seller) Jeremiah Sullivan (Chef) Alma Bertran (Ana) Richard Guthrie (Officer Baird) Tom Lahm (Officer Reynolds) Cami Sorrentino (Julie) H. Ray Huff (Conductor) Jeremiah Sullivan (Editor)
The police decide not to prosecute Lilimae and Cathy, however a story about what happened is in the tabloid that Sonny works at. Peter and his mother discuss her relationship with Galveston, and how Peter is Greg’s half brother. Jill tells Mac that the Governor wants her to work with him, and she’ll be moving into the office next to his. She gives him the key to her room at the Bryant Hotel. Mac drives by the hotel, but decides not to go in. Greg calls Abby, and Olivia picks up an extension. She hears Greg threaten to tell Gary that Abby knew all along that he was the father of the twins, and that she knew they were alive. Upset, Olivia asks the McKenzies if she can live with them, though she won’t say why. Abby and Gary go to get her, and she tells Abby that if she doesn’t let her live there, she will tell Gary about the twins. Olivia asks her how she could do something like that, and Abby leaves, very upset.
b: 23-Jan-1986 pc: 174317 w: Parke Perine d: Linda Day

NOTE: Olivia finds out about the twins and begins to have resentment for her mother, which would result in her infamous drug problem in later episodes. Peter’s mother Sylvia Lean makes her first appearance in this episode. It turns out that Peter is Greg’s half-brother. If Jason Avery looks a little bit different than usual, it is because Matthew Newmark took over the role when Danny Ponce left to do The Hogan Family, and Jason brings in his brother Daniel, who alos makes his first appearance here.

148. Friendly Enemies

gs: John Lawrence (John) Tina Lifford (Tina)
Peter tells Greg that he’s his brother, and brings Sylvia to meet him. Laura thinks Peter is up to something, and is frustrated that Greg seems unconcerned. Abby overhears Laura telling this to Karen, and she asks Peter out for a drink. Gary decides to go into racing. Karen finds Jill’s hotel key in Mac’s pocket and confronts him with it. He tries to explain that he would never use it, but it made him feel younger, more alive, like life wasn’t passing him by, and he hopes Karen will understand. Crying, she says no. Mac’s upset that Jill went through his Westfall file without permission. Sonny accidentally drops a tape marked “Cathy #3”. Val plays the tape, and hears Sonny’s notes about his articles. Meanwhile, Sonny is out to dinner with Cathy. She tells him how Joshua tried to throw her off of the roof, and that Lilimae saved her life. Sonny says he’s sorry for what Joshua did to her.
b: 30-Jan-1986 pc: 174318 w: Diana Kopald Marcus d: Joseph Scanlan

NOTE: Karen suspects that there is something going on between Mack and Jill (Oh, dear!) and Val discovers the real truth behind Sonny.

149. A Key to a Woman’s Heart

gs: Sarah Zimmer (Servant) Charles Hutchins (Vender) Sarah Zinsser (Waitress)
The tabloid has an article about how Joshua tried to kill Cathy. Ben tells her that Sonny works for the tabloid. She breaks down crying and Ben comforts her. Cathy slaps Sonny, who tells her he had to do it, to tell her side of the story.Greg tells Laura that Galveston kept a file on Sylvia, and sent her monthly checks. Greg tells Peter that he can prove his loyalty by working with him to recover Empire Valley and bring down Gary and Abby. Jill continues to investigate Westfall, but won’t tell Mac why. Mac gives her back the key and it upsets Jill. Mac apologizes to Karen and gives her flowers, but she’s still angry, and he accuses her of blowing it out of proportion. Val takes Mac’s side, saying he didn’t use the key and that she shouldn’t lose her marriage because of her hurt pride, but Karen insists she feels betrayed.
b: 06-Feb-1986 pc: 174319 w: Lynn Marie Latham d: Robert Becker

NOTE: Sonny makes his last appearance in this episode. It seems that Galveston had been giving support to Sylvia.

150. A Very Special Gift

gs: Pierre Manasse (Maitre’ d) Ray Oriel (Young Punk)
Karen and Mac make up.Greg asks Peter to start a social relationship with Abby. Peter tells Sylvia that Greg wants him to spy on Abby, and Abby wants him to spy on Greg. Sylvia is concerned that Peter’s double dealing will backfire on him. Gary and Jill sleep together. Later, they run into Peter, who asks Jill if Gary suspects anything. She says no. Mac and Ben think that the Governor must be opening the Westfall case, since Jill is so interested in it. Abby hires a detective to check out Jill. Michael finds that Olivia has a joint, but she says she’s holding it for a friend. Val throws a party for the twins’ first birthday. They open the card from Gary, and inside is a deed to half of Empire Valley.
b: 13-Feb-1986 pc: 174320 w: Lawrence Kasha d: Nick Havinga

NOTE: Olivia has a joint! This is the beginning of her drug addiction as Michael discovers it on her. Gary gives away Empire Valley to the twins. Gary and Jill sleep together for the first time.

151. Irrevocably Yours

gs: Peter Iacangelo (Sam Comiskey) Ralph Meyering Jr. (Policeman) Dinah Lenney (Woman)
Val and Ben think Gary’s gift is out of line, but he’s given it to them in a trust, so they can’t do anything about it. Ben’s furious, and tells Gary that there’s a lot more to being a father than genes, and he is the twins’ father. Greg and Abby are furious when they find out Gary gave away Empire Valley. Mac finds out that Jill hounded the Governor for months to work with him, but she says it was just a career move. A woman comes up to Mac and Jill, and calls her Dottie Simpkins, and says they went to Franklin High together. Jill says she must be mistaken. Mac finds out that Franklin High is in Westfall. Michael can tell Olivia is stoned, but she denies it. She goes out to dinner with Abby and smokes pot in the bathroom. Michael drops Olivia off at school, and is then pulled over by the police. They find a joint in his car.
b: 20-Feb-1986 pc: 174321 w: Sara Ann Friedman d: Robert Becker

NOTE: Jill has a past life in Westfall in this episode. Michael knows about Olivia’s drug problem, but he gets in trouble because of her.

152. High School Confidential

gs: Paul Comi (Doctor) Jodi Lang (Dr. Ladore) Bud Davis (Rowe Waller) Ralph Meyering Jr. (Policeman) Janet Cole Notey (Nurse) Steve Itkin (Angelo) Taylor Donlan (Hostess)
Michael is booked. He denies the joint is his, but won’t say who’s it is. Michael tried to convince Olivia to tell the truth, but she won’t. Karen suspects it is Olivia’s and tells Abby, who is enraged that Karen could think such a thing. Gary is in a race car crash, and is kept in the hospital overnight for observation. Abby shows up and doesn’t like that Jill is there. She tells Peter that she values her marriage and to “distract” Jill. Mac and Jill go to check water samples at Westfall. The town doctor, who thinks he recognizes Jill, says that there has been an increase in arsenic poisoning. Mac looks through a Franklin High yearbook, and sees Jill’s picture with the name Dorothy Simpkins. Greg tells his attorney to make Peter an offer, but not too big. He tells Laura it is a test. If Peter accepts less than half of the company, then he is not his brother. A guest at Lotus Point gets sick with arsenic poisoning.
b: 06-Mar-1986 pc: 174322 w: Sally Susman d: David Paulsen

NOTE: Karen suspects that Olivia had teh joint, but Abby doesn’t believe her (Don’t worry, she’ll find out in the next episode). It seems that there is arsenic poisoning somewhere in the development of Westfall, and it will affect the rest of the characters that are involved in the Empire Valley plan.

153. Distant Rumblings

gs: Taylor Donlan (Hostess) Rona Edwards (Nurse #1) Lynda Belcher (Nurse #2) Jenny Gago (Maria)
Abby finds a joint in Olivia’s purse, and makes her tell the truth. Olivia threatens her with the twins, and Abby says to go ahead and tell. The judge lets Olivia off, but says she has to join a support group. Greg offers Peter 5 million dollars. Peter doesn’t accept, and tells Sylvia it’s a test. Jill tells Mac that her father used to own Empire Valley, and Galveston swindled him out of it, so her father shot himself. Cathy tells Ben she wants to leave the show. He confides in her (and later Mac) that he is tired of Gary being in his life whichever way he turns. He and Cathy kiss. Mac tells Gary that his little trust fund stunt could cost Val her marriage, and he needs to think of consequences before he does things. Abby tells Gary that he failed Olivia, Lotus Point, and their marriage. Gary says he’s decided to divorce her.
b: 13-Mar-1986 pc: 174323 w: Joel Okmin & Tom Citrano d: Michael Preece

NOTE: Olivia threatens Abby with the twins story when Abby discovers for herself that she is involved wih drugs. Ben and Cathy kiss, starting a secret affair. Gary decides to divorce Abby because she said that he failed at everything.

154. Phoenix Rising

gs: Jane Mandy (Lawyer) Dom Mueller (Hotel Director) Dan Peters (Tailor)
Abby doesn’t want a divorce, and tells Gary that if he doesn’t give her the rest of Empire Valley, she will drag out their divorce, and involve Val and the twins. Gary gives it to her. Abby tricks Sylvia into telling her that Peter is not really her son. Abby has Peter escort her to a fundraiser. Gary is there with Jill, so Abby says if Peter doesn’t distract her, she will stop paying his attorney. Peter says he’ll tell about the twins. Then Greg threatens Abby with the twins. Abby, tired of everyone holding this over her declares in front of everyone that she knew about the twins. She knew the twins were alive all along, but didn’t want to say anything until she had proof, and as soon as she got it, she was the one who brought Val to the babies. Then Ben steps in and tells everyone it’s none of their business. Cathy tells Ben she’s been offered a tour. Abby brings Olivia home. Eric gets sick and is taken to Intensive Care.
b: 27-Mar-1986 pc: 174324 w: Bernard Lechowick d: Nicholas Sgarro

NOTE: We have all new respect for Abby now when she finally reveals that she knew all about the twins’ kidnapping (She is on the right road, for once). Cathy leaves her show and is being offered a tour.

155. The Legacy

gs: Fran Bennett (Dr. Faulkner) Bud Davis (Rowe Waller) Richard Sanders (Harry Nold) Linda Hoy (Nurse Mayes) Colin Hamilton (Chair) Deborah Benson (Nurse Cody) Alex Statler (New Father) Jim Boyce (Usher) Richard Gilbert-Hill (Hotel Clerk) Randy Crowder (Crew Member #1) Michael Misita (Crew Member #2) Conrad Hurtt (Manager)
Greg asks Laura to marry him. She says she will consider it. Greg fires Peter. Eric is very sick with arsenic poisoning. Abby finds out that Galveston dumped acid and arsenic in Empire Valley. She offers to sell Empire Valley to Greg, but he doesn’t buy it, suspicious she wants to sell it so fast. Peter’s mad at Sylvia for telling Abby everything. Sylvia says she deserves the money, as she really had Galveston’s baby. Peter says he has done all the work and threatens Sylvia. Abby tells Peter she wants 51% of whatever money he gets or she will tell Greg that he’s not Sylvia’s son. When Jill finds out Gary gave Empire Valley to Abby, she agrees to work with Peter to get it from Abby. Gary calls Jill, but she ignores him. Jill tells Peter that she want out of the plan, because she’s fallen in love with Gary and doesn’t want to hurt him. Peter reminds her that Galveston killed their parents, and that they’ve come too far to turn back now.
b: 03-Apr-1986 pc: 174325 w: Lynn Marie Latham d: Timma Ramon

156. Arsenic and Old Waste

gs: Dominic Messinor (Jack) Oceana Marr (Domestic) Dana Kelly (Technician) Richard Gilbert-Hill (Hotel Employee)
Ben’s really upset about Cathy leaving. He tells her that he isn’t the twins’ father. He goes to the beach house with a gift for her and they make out. Val is worried because she feels Ben slipping away from her. Jill tells Gary that she can’t see him because she’s in love with him, but doesn’t want to be. Peter apologizes to Sylvia for his threats.Mac finds out that the reservoir at Lotus Point is loaded with arsenic. Abby admits that Galveston dumped arsenic at Empire Valley. Greg tells Laura that Galveston left Gary the land because he knew it was polluted, but he wants to buy it anyway, because he hates to lose. Everyone argues over who is responsible for cleaning up Empire Valley. Gary thinks Greg should, as Galveston dumped the chemicals. Greg thinks Gary should, as his explosion started the leak.
b: 10-Apr-1986 pc: 174326 w: David Paulsen d: David Paulsen

NOTE: It is discovered that arsenic had somehow gotten into a reservoir in Lotus Point, and Galveston left Gary Empire Valley because he knew it was polluted. Val discovers that Ben is slowly drifting away from her, but doesn’t know why. (Cathy and Ben are doing the wild thang!)

157. A Change of Heart

gs: Howard Witt (Randall Warrington) Dean Hallo (Dominick Carrazo)
Greg takes Laura to Las Vegas to get married at the Wedding Chapel of Joy. She’s reluctant, but he tells her how much he loves and needs her. Later, Karen and ask Laura if there’s anything she can do to get Greg to help with the cleanup of Lotus Point, and Laura remarks that a wife should have some influence over her husband. Abby’s taken aback. Laura asks Greg to clean up Empire Valley for her wedding present.Greg tells Karen he will clean up Empire Valley in 4 months if she will get him all of Empire Valley back, or she can kiss Lotus Point goodbye. Eric comes home from the hospital. Jill again tells Peter that she wants out, and that she doesn’t care about Empire Valley anymore, she just wants to stop lying to Gary. Ben and Cathy sleep together. Cathy tells Ben she doesn’t want to leave him. Ben feels guilty, but Cathy says he should let himself feel happiness instead of always putting other’s first. Val invites Cathy over for a good-bye dinner.
b: 17-Apr-1986 pc: 174327 w: Parke Perine d: Joseph Scanlan

NOTE: Laura and Greg get married in this episode.

158. His Brother’s Keeper

gs: Paul Napier (Senator Billie Henderson) Ben Cooper (Bureaucrat) Dean Hallo (Dominick Carrazo) Bud Davis (Rowe Waller) Bobby Hosea (Reporter) Steve Uzell (Groom) Deborah Downley (Hostess) Chuck Nero (Hot Dog Vender)
Abby wants Karen to take Greg’s deal. Gary and Karen try to figure out a way to clean up Empire Valley themselves. They turn to the EPA, Senator Henderson, and even try to get a loan, but nothing works out. Abby tells Gary that Jill’s family owned Empire Valley, and that she’s only with Gary because she wants Empire Valley back. Later Jill admits to Gary that when she first went out with him, she wanted Empire Valley, but then she fell in love with him. He coolly asks her “Is that it?” Senator Henderson is retiring, and Greg thinks Peter should be the next Senator. The Lotus Point groundskeeper dies of arsenic poisoning, and several people cancel their reservations. Karen decides to close Lotus Point. Val tells Ben that she senses something is wrong, and she’d like to work through it with him. He says he has a lot on his mind. Cathy asks Ben to go on the road with her and be her manager.
b: 01-May-1986 pc: 174328 w: Bernard Lechowick d: Larry Elikann

NOTE: Gary finds out that Jill is with him only to get Empire Valley because it belonged to her family to begin with.

159. Thicker Than Water

gs: Bud Davis (Rowe Waller) Gene D. Jackson (Presenter) John McCann (Vincent Ostrega) Mary Ingersoll (Gloria Ashton) Mike Robelo (Mr. Ferrano) Angelo Orefice (Man) Jasmine Gagnier (Robin) Mark Burke (Servant) Catherine MacNeal (Reporter #1) Ed Quinlain (Reporter #2) Steven Gonzalez (Reporter #3)
Gary offers to take back Empire Valley from the twins. He then agrees to sell it to Greg if he will guarantee the cleanup. Greg tells Laura that he wants Peter in politics, because then he will be back in politics. Peter’s resistant, so Greg says if he will run, he will publicly acknowledge him as his brother and give him a big settlement. Greg also stops Sylvia’s monthly check. Abby also tells Peter to accept Greg’s offer, and she sleeps with him. Mac is worried when Karen misses lunch and he can’t locate her. Ben tells Cathy he will go on tour with her, and Cathy is excited. He tells Val, who is stunned. Val tries to talk him out of it, and is scared he is leaving her. Ben assures her it is only for 6 weeks, and he really needs the time away to think about things. Lilimae is angry at Cathy and slaps her. Ben leaves. Paige Matheson shows up at the MacKenzies. When Mac gets home, she says “I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time. I’m your daughter.” Paige has arrived.
b: 08-May-1986 pc: 174329 w: Lawrence Kasha d: Kate Swofford Tilley

NOTE: This is an episode of many events: Abby sleeps with Peter; Gary and Greg agree to clean up Lotus Point; Ben will go on tour with Cathy to be her manager, having Val think that he is leaving her; Karen is nowhere to be found; and last but not least, Nicollette Sheridan makes her first appearance as Paige Matheson, who happens to be Mack’s illegitimate daughter.

160. The Longest Night

gs: John Di Santi (Hank) Patrick Cronin (Jules Posner) Nancy Hinman (Lieutenant Fiore) Charles Walker (Guard #1) Art Koustik (Guard #2)
Paige tells Mac she looked him up because her mother Anne died. He invites Paige to stay with them, but she decides not to. Jill and Gary make up. Val’s distraught, and goes to the beach house, where she tears up a picture of Cathy and trashes the place. Lilimae, worried about her, calls Gary. Gary finds Val sitting despondently on the beach. They cry together, and then start laughing hysterically. Ben tells Cathy that he can’t go with her on tour. She admits that she didn’t want to hurt Val, but she’s in love with Ben and wasn’t thinking straight. Mac is out of his mind with worry about Karen, and has an APB put out to find her. Karen wakes up in a basement. Horrified, she finds she is locked in. She finds a tire iron and attempts to break a window, but a man comes downstairs and tells her not to.
b: 15-May-1986 pc: 174330 w: David Paulsen d: Joseph Scanlan

NOTE: Cathy Geary makes her final appearance in this season finale episode as Ben tells her that he can’t go on tour with her. It turns out that Karen was kidnapped by a mysterious man, who we will reveal in the next season.

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