Gary’s Cars

Gary was pretty well the only one with really cool cars. At first Gary and Val each had a car then it was an old blue Ford LTD station wagon for Gary. Later after inhereting some money he quickly switched to a slick, black XJ-S Jag (uar).

Later on once he got a ranch Gary got a red pick up truck to roam around town.

Gary’s Cars Summary

1980 Ford Grand Marquis Brougham (2 door) (Silver) 1980
1980 Ford Grand Marquis Brougham (4 door) (Silver) 1980-1982
1982 Jaguar XJ-S (Black) 1982

Val’s Cars

Val was a housewife so didn’t get out all that much but she had a few different cars of her own.

Val’s Cars Summary

1980 Ford Pinto Runabout (Yellow) 1979-1983
1984 Ford Thunderbird (Red) 1984-1985
1985 Ford Thunderbird Elan (Red) 1985-1986
1987 Mercury Sable GS Wagon (Silver) 1986-1990
1987 Porsche 911 Targa (Red) 1987-1988
1990 Ford Crown Victoria Estate Wagon (White) 1990-1992

Laura’s Cars

Although Laura earned enough money to buy a car on her own she was gifted a car from her husband and her lover. You go, girl.

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 by DM
Gary's cars

The blue wagon shown was actually Abby's Fairmont wagon. Gary had a light silvery green 2-door Grand Marquis followed by a 4-door in the same color. The Fairmont wagon became an LTD in 1983.

 by AnDo

What car did Gary drive in S11/E05?

Its agreen one Sportcar

 by Michael
Gary's car

Gary's first car was not an "old" LTD wagon. It was a 1979, which was current at the time.