Nice, Stubborn, Jealous, honest, these are just some adjectives to describe Benjamin Gibson.

Ben entered the Knots Landing scene in the fall of 83. He was a reporter who wanted to get information on Valene Ewing whose soon to be ex-husband Gary Ewing was to be convicted for the murder of the late singer Ciji Dunne. At first, he dated her for a story, but he soon found himself falling in love with the beautiful blonde. Shortly after, Valene found out that she was pregnant and Gary was the father. Ben was furious and immediately broke up with her. The couple eventually made up. Ben left on a mission for South America. An accident caused every one to believe that he was dead. When Ben finally showed up, he was very bitter towards Valene who still had strong feelings for Gary.

By the fall of 84, Ben was working at the World Pacific Cable owned by the schemy Abby. He let everyone believe that he was the father of Val’s everyone believe that he was the father of Val’s twins. Shortly after, Valene lost her twins courtesy of Abby Ewing, they were sold illegally. Valene then disappeared and lost her mind. She eventually returned and got her babies back. She and Ben began dating again.

Valene and Ben were married in the fall of 85. Ben’s condition was that he remains the twin’s sole father. This was difficult because Gary knew that he had fathered the babies and wanted to be part of their lives. As a result, Valene and Ben’s marriage began to fall apart. Ben began an affair with Cathy Geary and by the spring of 86 he decided to leave Valene and go on a tour with Cathy.

By the fall of 86, Ben calmed down and returned to Valene. The two starting repairing their relationship. Until, the evil Jean Hackney threatened to kill Ben and his family if Ben did not murder the wealthy tycoon Gregory Sumner. With the help of investigator Mack Mackenzie, Ben managed to get the upper hand. However, it was too late. The events involving Jean Hackney caused Ben to become mentally instable. Ben decided to leave Knots Landing for good and disappeared in South America.

No one really knows what happened to Ben. Many People wonder whether he is still alive. Nevertheless, Ben was a good man whose mission was to tell the truth tothe people. He had a nickname, SOB which meant Solid Old Ben

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