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Chip Roberts


Season 4 sees the arrival of `Chip Roberts` who becomes Vals publicist and eventually moves in with Val and Lilimae. He begins an affair with Diana Fairgate and at the same time dates Ciji who falls pregnant. He causes problems between Gary and Val by making out that Gary is having an affair. Chip begins to get violent with Ciji , she finds a newspaper article that reveals that Chips real name is Tony Fenice and hes wanted by the police. A private investigator arrived looking for him, but hes left town and Diana has gone with him. Ciji is murdered a its discovered Chip is the killer but Diana marries him. Tension mounts and Lilimae tries to run down Chip in her car leaving him in a coma.He wakes and hides out in a barn. Cathy the Ciji lookalike walks in and in a state of shock he falls back onto a pitchfork and is killed.

Danny Waleska

Danny turns up in season 10 to help Val with her computer.Danny and Val eventually sleep together but Danny is also seeing Amanda who is involved with Gary. Amanda and Danny are divorcing and he visits her and rapes her, Amanda goes to the police but there is not enough evidence. Gary tries to persuade Val that Danny is bad news but she won`t believe him and she marries Danny claiming she has never loved anyone as much as she loves Danny. Once married Danny turns violent on Valene and she leaves him. In a drunken state Danny drives his car and runs down Pat who dies in hospital. Danny is arrested but then released he takes a baseball bat and beats up Gary. Danny is then found dead in the pool. The mystery is eventually resolved as Julie, Pats daughter reveals Danny tried to attack her and he fell drunk into the pool.

Jill Bennet


Jill arrived on season 7 sent to help Mac with an investigation. She begins an affair with Gary Ewing. Jealous of Garys relationship with Valene, she begins an evil plot to make Val think longlost Ben is trying to contact her. She plots to kill Valene and in a disguise arrives at Val`s and forces her at gunpoint to take an overdose so it looks like Val committed suicide. Valene recovers but nobody believes her story about Jill. Gary eventually begins to believe Val`s story. Jill is then found tied up and DEAD in the back of Garys car, it turns out Jill accidentally killed herself as she tried to set up Gary and Valene.





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